Thursday, 12 May 2011

Wolfram Mathematica 8 comes with a Free-Form Linguistic input

Wolfram Mathematica, one of the best tools for scientific computing and mathematics learning, announced an impressive feature in its new software version. According with Mathematica's website (, the version 8 comes with a free-from linguistic input where you can use natural language to define the queries.

According the website with the new tool is possible

  • learn Mathematica syntax by entering a query in English and then viewing the free-form queries as precise Mathematica commands.
  • Easily specify plot frames, styles, gridlines, and more in natural language.
  • Perform many specialist operations in fields as diverse as image processing and finance using free-form instructions.
  • Access Wolfram|Alpha's vast collection of data and integrate it with your Mathematica session.
  • Transparently refer to the results of previous computations or session variables in free-form commands.

The computational knowledge engine Wolfram Alpha ( makes use of this new version of Mathematica software and also allows the user to input natural language queries. The strategic of Wolfram labs and many other companies seems to fuse the free-form natural language input with computational tools like web search, mathematics software and knowledge retrieval.

Some example of commands supported by the tool are:

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